Monday, September 29, 2008

**UPDATE** on the Gillette Razor

For those of you who have a Rite-Aid near you, the Gillette Razors are on sale for $4.00 (after a $5.00 rebate) and you can use the $4.00 off coupon I already talked about in the Smith's deal. That means FREE folks!
Here's how it goes down:
Sale $9.00
-$5.00 mail-in rebate
-$4.00 manufacturer coupon


Tiffany said...

I went to smith's & I couldn''t find this deal. Did you go to smith's marketplace?

Sean and Janet said...

They were on the endcap of the aisle of Men's care. Sorry you had difficulty finding it.

tiffany said...

I will check again! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where items are on sale when you talk about them. Like today on Studio 5 when you talked about Spaghetti squash .69/lb. Where is that sale at? I am assuming maybe Macey's because you refer to them a lot???

Sean and Janet said...

The spaghetti Squash is on sale at Macey's. I mostly refer to them because they are the sponsor of the "Living on Less" segment. However, the Gillette Razor that ends up being free is at Rite-Aid - that is why I couldn't name them on the air.