Thursday, October 2, 2008

How do RR work?

Recently people have been asking me how I get all my deals at Walgreens, what are Register Rewards and how to get them. Here are the answers (Thank you Being Frugal is Fabulous!)

What is a Register Reward?
A RR is a manufacturers coupon that prints out at the end of your purchase. It prints out of a separate printer next to the machine that prints out the receipt. It is a manufacturers coupon that you can use on your NEXT order.

What can I purchase with a Register Reward? There are restrictions on each RR that are printed on each RR. This will vary slightly. All RRs MAY NOT be used on presciptions. All RRs also say that they may exclude : alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets, stamps, dairy products and gift or phone cards. This means that it is up to the individual store to decide.

Most RRs that come from P&G products may not be used on other P&G products.

Also, remember that when you are using your RRs, they are manufacuturers coupons. So the rule still applies, you may not have more MCs then items. So, if you are buying 3 items and you have 3 MCs and you want to pay with an RR, you would need a filler item. Such as gum, a candy bar, pencil or other small (inexpensive) item.

Will I receive multiple RRs if I make multiple purchases? The answer is, it depends. For instance, this week their is a promotion when you purchase 3 bottles of Tylenol, you will receive $5.00 in RRs. If you purchase 6 bottles of Tylenol, you will only receive (1) $5.00 RR. However, if you buy 3 bottles of Tylenol and then purchase the Toothbrush that is also producing a RR in the same transaction, then you WILL receive both RRs.

If I use a RR from product X to purchase product X again, will the RR print? This is called rolling RRs, and most times this doesn't work. If you pay for product X with a RR from product X, you will be able to do the transaction, but then your new RR will not print out. But what you can do is buy product X, then use your RR from product X to buy product Y and then use your RR from product Y to purchase product X.

When do my RRs expire? Most RRs have an expiration date that is two weeks from the purchase date. However, this can vary. I have gotten a few recently that don't expire until December.

When the promotion says purchase a certain dollar amount of product X to receive a RR, is that before or after coupons? The amount is before coupons. For example if the promotion is buy $10.00 worth of bodywash and receive $3.00 in RR. If the bodywash is 3/$10.00 and you have (3) $1.00 MCs, that will work just fine. Using coupons on a promotion should have no effect on whether a RR prints or not. A MC is a form of payment just like cash is. However, I have been told to hand the cashier the RR first and then the manufacterur coupons.

My RR didn't print, what do I do? First talk to the manager. Sometimes the machine is just not working. Ask them to try ringing you up on another register and see if it works. I prefer to call the Catalina company directly. There number is 1-888-8coupon. Press option 3. They will take your information and find out if you bought the right items. When they have determined that you did purchase the qualifying items, they will mail you a RR.

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