Monday, October 6, 2008

Today's deal.....13 items at Walmart for $0.64

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. Today I went to Walmart for a few things and here is one deal....I will post the other one later today. I had some coupons left from a few weeks ago for $3.00 off the purchase of 3 Johnson's Buddies products. These soaps are $0.97 each so I ended up with overage of $-0.36. Remember we talked about not having overage at the register - well, one of my sons needed a dark pair of socks and Walmart has one pair for $1.00, so hence the odd-looking socks in the front of the photo. Stay tuned for the other deal later on.....

Here's how I did it:

12 Johnson's Buddies Products at $0.97 each= $11.64
4 x $3.00 off the purchase of 3 Johnson's Buddies products coupons=$12.00
Subtotal: $-0.36
1 pair socks $1.00
Total: $0.64

Total Savings: $11.64


The Gilleland Family said...

i was wondering where you found the coupons for the johnson's buddies products? I can't seem to find them in my coupons.
Thanks, Heidi Gilleland

Sean and Janet said...

The coupons for the Johnson's Buddies products were from the September 14th Sunday insert.