Monday, October 13, 2008

Walmart = Coupon Headaches

O.K. everyone.....just another reminder....NEVER BE NEGATIVE at the register at Walmart. Purchase an inexpensive filler product to get as close to zero as you can. I was behind a young mother this morning and she was doing everything right. However, the cashiers at Walmart (3 of them and 2 supervisors on the headset) couldn't figure out the coupon. I explained I used the same ones last week and how they work. 20 minutes later the poor lady in front of me got the OK from the "powers that be" that it would in fact work. SO,be prepared to defend yourself, and make sure you are reading the fine print of the coupons so you KNOW what it says.....YOU ARE DOING NOTHING WRONG!!! If the stores understand coupons, the store is reimbursed for the coupon value. Frustrating, but if you have some patience and a kind voice, everything usually works out in the end.

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Manic Mom said...

When you use the free coupon from the webisode... do you pay sales tax?
I didn't when I went to Macey's,but the people that work at Kohler's in Lehi are the rudest people I know!