Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Just Couldn't Resist.....

That great sale at Albertson's ends today and I just couldn't resist buying a little more cereal. I have been debating all week whether or not we need anymore (we usually have over 100 boxes at any given time in storage;) Because I am hosting Thanksgiving, I justified my purchase and here's how it went:

2 boxes Total
10 boxes Corn Chex

- preferred savings and coupons

New Total:$4.90 Plus $15.00 in Catalinas printed so really my total is $10.10 in my pocket!!!!


The Thomas Five said...

THATS AWESOME! WOW! I think I am speechless. Can you tell me what catalinas are? I thought it was spaghetti sause, but now I think I am wrong :) LOL

Sean and Janet said...

Catalinas are the coupons that print after your receipt at the store. In this case, a $15 off your next purchase catalina would print out! Make sense?

CKMB said...

Do you have a passport to grocery smarts. If so how can I get one?

CKMB said...

Another question, are catalinas only at Albertson's?