Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shopping Trip for Suave Hairspray at Walgreens

Yesterday at Walgreens, I purchased a bunch of hairspray. Sorry, my computer is having issues so I will post a picture as soon as I can. Here is how the shopping trip ended up:

10 bottles Suave Hairspray @ $2.29= $20.29
2 bottles Suave Professional Hairspray @ $2.29= $4.58

Subtotal: $22.58
- sale price $1.71 a bottle= $6.96 (difference between $2.29 and $1.71 x 12)
- 6 $0.75 off 2 coupons
-$9.00 Register Rewards

New Total: $2.04 for 12 bottles= $0.17 each bottle


Mary said...

Wow! Great deal. I wish I understood how all of this coupon stuff works. It can get a bit overwhelming trying to figure it out.

Matt and Stephanie said...

I have never bought anything at walgreens besides my meds, so how does this whole thing work for those of us who are clueless and need to be spending alot less???

Design Gal said...

Thanks for posting these great deals! And your cinnamon roll idea was great! Thanks for sharing!!!