Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Shopping Trip to Walgreens

Here is a picture of everything I bought. My total was $8.00 even. The foil and soap were free in one transaction, but I was short spending $0.02 so I bought the two little chapsticks in the front. Another reminder: Never be negative at the register! The popcorn and the Puffs I bought with an RR I had left. I saved today: $38.20.

Here is a little review of coupon lingo:
RP= Red Plum insert from Sunday newspaper
SS= Smart Source insert from Sunday newspaper
P&G= Proctor and Gamble from Sunday insert at the end or beginning of a month
GM=General Mills insert from the Sunday newspaper
RR=Register Rewards given at the register at Walgreens
Catalina=A coupon that prints at the register at the end of a certain transaction

I hope this helps those just starting couponing! Any more questions.....just leave a comment and I'll leave the answer as a comment:)


Carrie said...

Thanks so much for sharing your super saving techniques. I am a little curious how the Catalina's work. Do you have any idea before you shop what you are going to get, and is there a technique to maximizing them? Also, is which stores participate in Catalinas?

Thanks again for your help.

Janet Eyring said...

Yes, I usually know what I need to buy to trigger a Catalina. In my area, Albertsons and Smiths participate in the Catalina program. In their weekly ad, they will usually say what you need to do. Sometimes it is just a surprise. Walgreens give Register Rewards that act like Catalinas. Walgreens sometimes will have an item that if you buy, you get that FULL amount back to use again on a future money, got to love that;)