Tuesday, January 6, 2009

$0.14 Electalsol at Walmart

Walmart has a rollback on Electrasol this week. It is $2.64. Using the coupon from this past Sunday's insert of $2.50 off one box, it makes them $0.14!


tclybb said...

I just went to walmart today, especially for this deal, but the box wasn't on sale, it was $3.50. Which walmart did you go to?

Jared, Natalie and Ryker said...

I had the same thing happen at both the Syracuse and the Clinton Walmart. Also the steamers were not for a 1.00 either.

Anonymous said...

I found this deal worked at the Walmart in Lindon, so it might just be an in-store sale going on, and not chain-wide. Thanks Janet!