Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grateful for Rainchecks and Brothers-In-Law

Thanks to a tip from my Bro-in-Law, Rory, I was finally able to use the raincheck I had at Albertson's for $1.50 a box of Quaker Simple Harvest Oatmeal. I purchased 24 boxes for a little over $12.00. If I paid full price, I would have paid $125.26. (and that's without tax...)


JANE4girls said...

now get your hands on the Quaker rebate to get $5 back!

JANE4girls said...

Cap'n Crunch, Life, Quaker - (ready-to-eat cereals, instant oatmeal, Simple Harvest, quick and old fashioned oats/grits, Morning Minis, Chewy granola bars, fruit crisp bars and bites, oatmeal to go, True Delights, Fiber & Omega 3), Aunt Jemima pancake/waffle mix/syrup. Excludes indiv, trial sizes and rice snacks. MIR: Buy 5, get $5 by mail. - Purchased 1/1/09-2/28/09. Received by 3/13/09 - valid up to $5.00

I don't see anybody having them in the database at HCW, but you could post an ISO for them.

Tawna said...

Janet, I just had a question on if any grocery store doubles coupons on a regular basis?

Janet Eyring said...

Sorry Tawna, no grocery store in the state of Utah doubles coupons on a regular basis. Occasionally a store will have a promotion, like Albertson's last month, but that is rare.

Anonymous said...


I live in Kirtland, NM and know your husbands family. As a new comer to the coupon thing. I was excited to run on to your blog. I have a question for you have you ever printed coupons and if so is there a process when you check out at the grocery store with it? Dumb question I know but I am kind of hesitant when I check out I quess I don't want them to say dumb lady we don't take that.

I am completely upset that I could have been saving so much money for so long and HAVEN'T.

So if you have any tips for this first timer I would greatly appreciate it.

Heather (Foutz) Hockett