Monday, January 12, 2009

Just Because it's a Case Lot Sale.....

Just because it is a case lot sale, doesn't mean it is the best price. There are a few stores in my area having case lot sales over the next few weeks. As the price per ounce keeps going up and the ounces per container keep going down, the bottom line is...just be familiar with the prices. Keep a price book, binder, a good memory, anything.

After having gone through their ads, some items I can buy later at a "best" price than the case lot offers. If you are familiar with the everyday price, the sale price, and the "best" sale price, finding out which items are really a deal on the case lot sales will be cinch.

For those of you living locally, (Utah), get a copy of their ads and sit them next to each other. It is amazing the difference you will find.;)

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Adam and Tami said...

this worked fine for me too. I went to the Harmons at the District in South Jordan and also the Harmons on Redwood and 10400 s. in South Jordan.