Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home-made Goodness

During this time of economic hardship, I'd like to spotlight a couple of crafty ladies and the unique products they offer at (a website for buying and selling home-made items).

The first is Blind Betty. You can link to her etsy shop HERE. She specializes in personalized wooden blocks, perfect for holidays, Family Home Evening, chores, or to simply put names of family members on. I bought one and had the names of our family put on, and now my kids call it "The Magic Cube" and pull it out for EVERYTHING!

"Who has to vaccuum?--Use the Magic Cube!"
"Whose turn is it to dry dishes?--Use the Magic Cube!"

Since the cubes are 6 sided, we put one name on each side,and since there's only 4 of us, the other two sides are labeled "Right" and "Left", so whoever rolls the dice and it comes up one of those options, the person to the right or left gets selected for the job!

There is a lot of customizability--choose the wording (as long as it will fit on the block), the colors, and she even has a block that can be written on with chalk!

The second is MotleyHandmade. Check out her etsy shop HERE.
She specialized in those headbands that can be seen everywhere nowadays; you know, the ones with the big flowers that are all the rage at the local craft fairs. There are a lot of colors and styles to choose from...perfect for the girl who had everything!

So there you have it! Some cute home-made items that won't break the budget, and you'll be helping out some great local gals, too!

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Kayce and Jared said...

I LOVE IT! You are great. I have forwarded your blog on and on and on and on.....THANK YOU!