Monday, February 1, 2010

Quaker Money Maker at Smiths

Only two days left to either get free stuff or make a little money at Smith's purchasing Quaker Rice Quakes. Smith's has a mix and match sale going on right now. Purchase 10 bags and use your Fresh Values card and they end up being $0.49 a bag. Now I used 10 coupons ($0.75 off one bag) -I am sorry I don't remember the Sunday ad they came in - now I end up making $0.26 each bag. My Smith's only let me get them free and didn't put the extra on a gift card- but I'm not complaining!!

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Mary said...

I never pay for these quaker quakes because a deal like this always comes along sooner or later. Most smiths won't give you the extra money, store policy. If you go to you can search for what ad that coupon is in.