Saturday, August 23, 2008

$0.36 for 6 items at Albertson's Grocery store...

How I did it:

Coupons Used: Manufacturer's coupons from recent Sunday Insert -$2.00 Off, combined with Albertson's Preferred Customer discount card **Don't forget you CAN combine manufacturer's coupons with store membership savings cards**

Items purchased:
6 bottles (7 oz.) Ken's Lite Accents salad spritzers (regular price $3.69, Preferred Customer price $2.00, then $2.00 off they were FREE)

Subtotal: $22.14

Total after coupons:
(sales tax only!!) $0.36

Total Savings this purchase: $21.78

**Addendum AUG 23rd**
I found 3 more coupons I had misplaced, so went back for three more of these salad spritzers, all at the cost of tax (21 cents) so and additional savings of $10.63

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Manic Mom said...

Do you pay for the paper or do you get your manufacturer coupons online?
I can't get the coupon printer to install.