Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where do you get all these coupons?

A lot of people have been asking where I get all these coupons (since I like to use multiples if I can).

Here's the low-down of where my coupons are coming from:
  1. Subscribe to Sunday paper only (we don't really read the news, just use the paper for the coupons--you should be able to subscribe for just Sunday)
  2. Subscribe for more than one (we get 2 copies)
  3. Get inserts from friends/neighbor's Sunday newspapers. I currently get my neighbor's, my mom's and my aunt's (and I stood up in church and asked for anyone not using theirs to call me and I'd come pick theirs up as well!)
  4. Magazines (the ALL YOU magazine--I found mine at the checkout at Walmart) usually has GREAT coupons)
  5. Junk mail
  6. Manufacturer's websites--subscribe to free newsletters that often will have great coupons


FitzFam4ever said...

So glad you are doing this Janet. Is this cheaper then just buying the store brand? We need to do whatever we can to save money. I will add this blog link to my blog if you want.

FitzFam4ever said...

Dang, I lost the comment I made. Let's try it again. What a great blog. Do you think doing the coupon thing is cheaper then just buying store brands? I've never been very good at this so I'm glad you have suggestions.