Tuesday, September 2, 2008

$0.48 for 3 items at Walmart...

How I did it:

Coupons Used: Online printed coupon $2.00 Off South Beach Diet Drink Mix, $3.00 Off South Beach Diet Pizza, Online coupon for $3.00 off TGIFriday's Mozzerella Cheese Sticks

Items purchased:
1 South Beach Diet frozen pizza (on sale for $3.00—so it was FREE)

1 South Beach Diet Drink Mix (on sale for $2.00—so it was FREE)

1 TGIFriday's Mozzerella Cheese Sticks (on sale $3.00—so it was FREE)

Subtotal: $8.48

Total after coupons: $0.48 (just the tax)

Total Savings this purchase: $8.00

(Sorry, no picture of these items, but they tasted good!)

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