Friday, September 5, 2008

5 items for 33 cents at Albertsons

How I did it:

Coupons Used: 4 $1.00 off Scotts Extra Soft Toilet Paper and 1 $1.00 off online-printed coupon, combined with a store sale 10 /$10.00

Items purchased:
5 packages Scotts Extra Soft Toilet Paper

Subtotal: $5.45
Total after coupons: $.33 (only tax)

Total Savings this purchase: $5.12


Bobbi said...

Hey! I saw you on studio5 and I am inspired(finally after all these years) to really try to cut our grocery budget. Our teenagers are killing us!!! Glad I found your blog, I'll be checking in regularly.

Anonymous said...

How did you use 5 coupons on 1 transaction?

Janet Eyring said...

To anonymous: I was able to use 5 coupons in one transaction because I had five items. If I had only 1 item, I could use only 1 coupon.