Friday, September 5, 2008

Attention Utah Maceys Shoppers.... has added a new passport especially for Maceys grocery stores and Studio 5 viewers. Go to this link here: Grocerysmarts/Maceys or if you already use you can simply enter passport code studio5 for a link to the Maceys grocery store coupon page, and it also links back to the KSL Studio 5 Living on Less webpage.

This will be a page that shows you the current Maceys sale items, and how they match up current coupons. It is a real time-saver!

There are links to printable coupons on the main site as well if you don't currently get newspaper coupons. However, Macey's doesn't accept online printed coupons unless they are from Click on webisodes, watch, and when prompted click on the coupon for an absolutely FREE item of the week.

Great resource and it's FREE (one of my favorite words!!)

1 comment:

Manic Mom said...

Who takes the printed online coupons?
Wal-Mart? Albertsons?
I know Kohler's doesn't either! Kinda frustrating!