Wednesday, September 10, 2008

12 items for $11.58 at Albertson's

How I did it:

Coupons Used: Preferred Customer sale price AND 2 x $3.00 off of 3 in-ad store coupon AND $2.25 off 1 box manufacturer coupons x 6 from Sept 7th Sunday paper Smart Source coupon insert (this is where having multiple coupons comes in handy!)

Items purchased:
6 Electrasol Dishwashing Tabs (26 ct. box)

Subtotal: $32.40

Total after coupons: $.54 (only 9 cents each)

Here's how it all worked out...

  • Regular price each: $5.49
  • Store Sale: 3/ $10.00 ($3.33 each)
  • 2 x $3.00 off purchase of 3: in-ad coupon ($2.33 each) --1 came in the mail, and picked up another at the store
  • 3 x $2.25 off each: manufacturer coupon ($o.083 each)

Total Savings on purchase of dishwasher tabs: $31.86


Coupons Used: Preferred Customer sale price AND 2 x $3.00 off purchase of 3 in-ad store coupon AND 6 x $0.50 off manufacturer coupon from August 10th Sunday paper Smart Source insert

Items purchased:
6 Purex laundry detergent (2x concentrate 32 load size)

Subtotal: $26.10

Total after coupons: $11.04

Total Savings on purchase of detergent: $15.06

Grand Total after all Coupons: $11.58 for 12 items


Stefany said...
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Stefany said...

Hi Janet!

Thanks for you response! I deleted my comment because I read that after I posted it on your grocery smarts post. I had read that one before but I guess I missed that Macey's doesn't accept printed coupons.

Thanks for all your ideas...I'm totally inspired to start using coupons and saving!! Love your blog!

Michellie-mom said...

I've been watching you on studio five and want to contact you about doing a class for me for a church group. How do I do that? can e-mail me at

Also, quick tip you can post if you like. There is a gal on pinching your pennies forum that can get subscriptions to the "All You" magazine for $20 for a 2 year subscription. This is the best deal I've seen. You just type "all you magazine" under "search" when you are in forum tab and the thread for it will pull...

Stephanie said...

Janet, Your blog is awesome! Keep up the great work! Love ya lots!

The Thomas Five said...

This reminds me of last year when there were $2.50 cent coupons for Electrasol and it was only $2.49 at walmart. I think I bought like 20 boxes! We are still going strong with dishwasher degergent in my house.

Also wanted to say thank you for taking the time you do to help us all save money. I discovered you on studio 5 and will remain a loyal fan.

Happy Saving!