Wednesday, September 24, 2008

FREE Frozen Burritos!

The free item this week at Associated Food Stores is 2 Western Family brand frozen burritos. Each coupon used gets you 2 burritos for FREE! Go to, watch the webisode and print off your coupon. If you print one for each of your family members and redeem them all at once (1 coupon per person, that is) you can have frozen after-school snacks for a good long time!


Chantel said...

One question about printing one coupon for each of your family members. Do each of your family members need to be there when you redeem the coupons, since it says one coupon per customer. And if so, does a 13 month old count as a customer?

Janet Eyring said...

When I did it with my family of 4, we all went thru the checkout one after another. So you probably will need to cart everyone to the store with you. As to whether your 13th month old can use the coupons: probably up to the individual cashier. Good luck!

Chantel said...

Thank you for your help. We went today and got our free burritos. I also told my sister-in-law about your blog and the webisodes and she went and got burritos for her entire family too. Thanks again for all your insite into the coupon world.