Monday, September 8, 2008

FREE Popcorn

How I did it:
Here in Utah, Associated Foods is offering an "item of the week". This past week it was Western Family microwave popcorn (3 bag/box). Go to and click on the WEBISODE link (along the top of the page). You will see a little youtube video, click to watch the video, and then along the righthand side of the page watch for the coupon to appear. Click on the coupon, print it out and take it to any Associated Foods store to redeem. You can print it in b&w or color, doesn't matter. You don't even have to pay tax for the item--FREE all the way around! They have a new product each week, so check back weekly. I printed the coupon once for each member of the family, and we all took our turn in line to use them at the store. Now we have popcorn for movie nights for the next few weeks. Gotta love free stuff!!

They were on sale this week 10/$10.oo if you didn't have the coupon, but I'm not sure of the retail price. So I saved $4.00 at least this week for this item!


Melissa said...

I love your new site. I have been trying to clip coupons and save money for over a year, but am determined to do better. I was wondering does the free popcorn coupon have a bar code, like other printables, or not? I would love to go and get some. Thanks for all your hard work.
Melissa Cox

Sean and Janet said...

Thanks Melissa, The free popcorn coupon doesn't have a bar code. They enter the coupon by hand...better hurry..the popcorn coupon ends today, but never fear, a new free item will be available tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I am trying to understand how this whole coupon thing works. I mostly shop at Albertsons and while I use coupons here and there I am amazed by the different products I have seen on your blog and others like yours that you paid little cost for. Do grocery stores accept more than one of the same coupon for the same product? I have always thought you could not combine or double up on coupons, but from what I have seen that is how this whole coupon thing works along with the in- store adds. Any help would be greatly appreciated.