Wednesday, September 10, 2008

FREE String Cheese

How to do it:
This week, (at least here in Utah) Associated Foods is offering as their "item of the week", Western Family brand string cheese (up to 3 individual 1 oz packages per coupon) . If you go to and click on the WEBISODE link (along the top of the page), you will see a little youtube video. Click to watch the video, and then along the right-hand side of the page watch for the coupon to appear. Click on the coupon, print it out and take it to any Associated Foods store such as to redeem. You can print it in b&w or color, doesn't matter. You don't even have to pay tax for the item--FREE all the way around! They have a new product each week, so check back weekly. Here's what this week's coupon looks like:

Think about it: school lunches, afterschool snacks, on-the-go munchies...all for FREE!


Melissa said...

Sounds good. I went and got my popcorn last night, for some reason I had to pay the sales tax. Any thoughts about that? Although I think that I can afford the $0.03 tax, but if it should be FREE, FREE, then all the better.

Thanks for all the great info. I check back everyday, to see what new stuff you have posted.

Jessica said...

I was watching studio 5 today and I just wanted to know how to get started using coupons? I've never used them before and my husband is in school and we have a 2 year old and I would love to save money on food. Also we don't get a paper so can I get coupons without getting a paper? Would you prefer Macey's over Walmart?
Thanks Jessica Gladden

a.t.a said...

I saw you on Studio 5 today! I am going to give it a go!

Janet Eyring said...

Jessica, Hello! Glad to hear you are going to begin couponing...See if you can get neighbor's or family member's papers, if not you can sign up at and other sites for coupons. However, MANY stores do not accept online printed coupons. I really would recommend getting the paper---trust me it will pay for itself the first week! You can pick it up at gas stations last on Saturday too. As for Macey's over Wal-mart, you can't beat Macey's case lot sale. I use to shop at Wal-mart a lot, but today I tried to use an online coupon and they don't take them anymore (since yesterday!!!)....Macey's is closed Sundays, I guess Macey's wins.