Thursday, October 16, 2008

Next Week's Macey's Ad

I am getting the recipes together for KSL's Studio 5 next week, and started looking at the ad. (I get the ad a week before the sales start). I think the only thing I am going to say is, "Save your money for this sale". I see a bunch of items worthy of the "screamin' deals" we talk about on the air.


Kristie said...

Hi Janet.

We have a Maceys right down the street...and I LOVE going there...but...this last week I went to do my shopping and they didn't take ONE of my printed I am very discouraged to go back. Have you have this happen with them...any way around it?


MacKenzie Oslund said...


Thank you so much for stopping by our blog! We don't mind you looking at it at all! If anyone says they aren't a blog stalker, they're lying! :) I am definitely guilty of that too. I will tell Billy that you commented, I guarantee he'll remember you. I'll let him know. Your blog is so great! Keep in touch.

Thanks, MacKenzie

MacKenzie Oslund said...

Oh and by the way, unfortunately, Rusty and his wife Jodi, do not have a blog. I am trying to convince them to get one, but to no avail! Also, if you went to highschool with Rusty, you probably know my brothers... Corland Felts?

MacKenzie Oslund said...

Well, if you were Rusty's age, then technically he is your age but yes, a year younger in school. His wife is your age, Meggan Wadsworth. He wasn't in student government, but he is very cute! :) Billy told me to tell you hi! He said "oh my, I haven't heard that name in forever! I totally remember her. She was super nice." I told you he'd remember!