Friday, October 17, 2008

Drumroll please.....the WINNERS are....

Twenty-two money saving tips shared, but alas, there can only be two winners! And they are:

ronaleeflannery who's tip was...

"Love your blog!! DILUTE... That's my tip. Dilute your shampoo, conditioner, liquid fabric softener, dish soap, etc. No one ever knows about it and most people by habit use the same "two squirts" or whatever. I've done this for years and it really can cut things in 1/2 painlessly. And, everything still works wonderfully."


erin ropelato who had several tips, my favorite of which was:

"I have several friends in my neighborhood who also coupon. We call on another about "Screamin' Deals" and we share our coupons if we aren't going to use them with those who are. It works wonderfullly because you can buy several more items than your 5 sets of coupons per week and build up a food storage."

Congrats to you both. If you would email me your name, address info, I will get your autographed cookbooks in the mail! Just email: couponjanet AT

For those of you who didn't win THIS TIME,don't worry! I am planning on doing periodic giveaways, so keep checking back regularly.


ronaleeflannery said...


I'm sooo excited to get that awesome book! What is your email address so I can email you my information???

Lynette said...

I totally envy you. I found your blog from a friends. I sooo want to start using coupons and save money sooo bad! My grocery bill is outrageous!! I don't know where to start and I am afraid to, to be honest. Sounds dumb, i know. I have 4 kids, 2 diabetics and a wheat allergy in my family. Grocery shopping is very essential, as well as my pharmacy bill. I am going to read your blog religiously and try to be like you. lol! You are awesome, you rock! Thanks for the awesome info! Lynette

Sean and Janet said...

Ronalee, send email to