Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Successful Shopping Trip....

Thanks to I have completed another successful shopping trip. My time is precious as is all of yours, so I enjoy their website with their quick reference to coupons. I enjoy a great deal just as much as the next gal (or guy), but I don't have tons of time to go find them. On my busy weeks, I turn to their website and it is smooth sailing! Here is what I purchased today at Albertson's:

13 bottles of All 3x Laundry detergent
(retail: $6.29 each, I paid: $0.67 each)
4 boxes Go-Gurt (not pictured)
(retail: $3.45, I paid:$0.75 for 1 and $0.88 each after that)
3 Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes
(retail: $2.89, I paid: $0.09 for 1 and $0.44 each after that)
7 Betty Crocker Frostings
(retail: $2.29, I paid: $0.29 for 1 and $0.34 each after that)
6 Knorr Sides Plus
(retail: $2.50, I paid: $ 0.24 for 1 and $0.78 each after that)
3 Immunity Boost Green Giant Vegetables
(retail: $2.39, I paid: $0.25 each)
2 Green Giant Veggies in Sauce
(retail $2.39, I paid: $ 0.70 each)

With in-ad coupons, online printables, store sale and Catalinas (which I earned this shopping trip and can use on my next trip) combined my total was: $26.35

My total had I bought everything regular price would have been: $126.41
My total savings today is: $100.05!!
(for all the details go to


Fernelius' said...

How do you get the passport to use on grocerysmarts?

Manic Mom said...

I still didn't do as good as you did, but I did alright! Is there much difference from to grocerysmarts? Do you check out at a regular register or do you go to the self- check out?

Anonymous said...

Janet! It's Jenn Davis. My friend just sent me to this website b/c I'm just now trying grocery smarts and she thought I'd like to see this and then I saw my old friend, Janet. How are you? email me if you have a personal blog.

Ku'uipo said...

I am a teacher here in Salt Lake for Grocery Smarts. The website is free and you can use my passport g84ckv. Hope that helps!

Matt and Stephanie said...

I need to go shopping with you!

Stacy said...

I watch your spots on Studio 5 and contacted Ryan (I think he's talked to you). Anyway - I love to watch you every Wednesday. I started teaching for him (Grocery Smarts) in May and love it, love it, love it. I spent $91.31, saved $296.xx and bought 113 items, making them about $.81 each for this very same sale. I love to watch your blog! Thanks for all the great tips.

Lisa said...

How did you get the ALL for so cheap?

Mary Ann Carlile said...

That is amazing. Really. Wish I were in UT so I could go to those same stores and save some serious $$$!

Anonymous said...

I used the Grocerysmarts passport code: studio5 and could print a list for ANY store! Heres a direct link to that page: