Monday, December 15, 2008

Almost Free Yeast at Smiths

Remove Formatting from selectionUntil tomorrow, you can get almost free yeast at Smiths using coupons from the following inserts: Oct. 5th SS (Smart Source), Nov. 2nd SS, and Dec. 6th SS. Also, a $0.50 catalina will print for each yeast packet you buy. That means the final cost is $0.05 per 3 pack....AWESOME!!!

p.s. The 3 pack of yeast retails for $2.69 each......That means a savings of $2.64 EACH!!


Melissa said...

I bought some last week, and was surprised to get the catalina, but very happy. I plan on going back and getting some more with those catalina's. I will add the yeast packets to the ones already in my freezer!

Heather said...

Hey now I know where all the yeast packets went when I was at Smith's yesterday trying to do my last minute shopping on that ad!

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

Keep an eye out because I found some bonus sizes with 4 packets per strip!!!