Thursday, January 15, 2009

5 Deals I talked about yesterday...

The 5 deals I talked about yesterday on Studio 5 had to do with Macey's Case Lot Sale this week.
The deals were:

*Mandarin Oranges $0.39 each or $9.36 for a case of 24
*WF Applesauce $0.59 each or $14.16 for a case of 24
*55 gallon water drum - Regular price $63.99, during the case lot $39.99
*WF corn or green beans $0.49 each or $11.76 for a case of 24
*Country Fresh Farms 33 oz. 100% Real Instant Milk- Reg. price $12.99, during the case lot $5.99


Mary said...

Thanks for the great deals! I never knew you were on studio 5 but have enjoyed watching the segments these past few weeks. As a side note, I heard at an enrichment last night that the non-instant powdered milk is still cheaper at the cannery than the instant powdered milk at Macey's.

The Jones Family said...

Yay! Thank you SOOO much!

Manic Mom said...

Thanks again Janet for all your hard work and sharing all that you know with us! It's great to see you on TV!