Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Customer Appreciation Days at Macey's

Macey's in Pleasant Grove is having Customer Appreciation Days until next Friday (March 27th). There are many sales throughout the store that I will share with you, but the product that caught my attention today is the Yoplait yogurt. It's on sale for $0.39 each. I believe the regular price is $0.79-$0.89 each. I don't know if there is a limit per person, but they are offering unopened cases for purchase. My family loves yogurt, both straight from the store and frozen. You can bet I'll be taking advantage of this sale!


Stacy said...

Is this just the PG store or are other locations doing it too?

Janet Eyring said...

I don't know. The best idea would be to call your local store and ask.

Anonymous said...

I think Costco's regular price is $.46 per yogurt. I just found that out and thought I'd pass it along.